Graduation Details

This year's commencement ceremony will include the band, in a similar way to years past.

The commencement will be outdoors, and the band will be playing Pomp & Circumstance & either Prelude & Rondo from Prelude, Siciliano, & Rondo.

As in years past, 9-11 graders will play Pomp & Circumstance, and seniors will join us for the band feature piece from Prelude, Siciliano, & Rondo.

This is a required performance for all HS Band Members. Report time for students is 1pm, Graduation will begin at 2 pm, and band members should be done around 3 p.m.

Seniors are to place their instrument & music in the band set up before the commencement start so they may participate.

Concert Uniform is "Dress Nice," but also dress for the weather - High of 83 forecasted as of today.

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